In its long history, the Institute has been awarded several times for contribution to science and research and promotion of best practices within its projects. The last three awards are of particular importance to all Institute’s staff:

The Urban Planners Exhibition Award in 2017.

At the 26th Urban Planners Exhibition, held on November 8th 2017 in Niš, in the category „Nature and environmental protection trough studies, research and projects“, the Institute team in cooperation with URBIS Center from Banja Luka won the first place for the project „Feasibility and economic justification study for the construction of irrigation systems for hydrotechnical meliorations in the area of Brčko District “.

The Sarajevo City Award “6 April” in 2006

At the Assembly of the Sarajevo City Council on March 17, 2006, the Institute has been awarded with the most prestigious award of the City of Sarajevo for its contribution to science and research work and implementation of best practice within environmental projects. The Mayor, Ms Semiha Borovac, presented the award to the director of the Hydro-Engineering Institute, prof. dr Tarik Kupusović.

The USAID’s Award for Excellence in 2004

In 2004, at the Human and Institutional Capacity Development Conference, the Institute received the USAID Award for Excellence in Legacy and Indigenous Capacity Building for best practice in Modern Training Techniques with Water Utility Boards. The award was presented by the representative of the USAID Bureau for Europe & Euroasia.  As a training provider, the Hydro-Engineering Institute in cooperation with the USAID Mission in BiH and World Learning Inc. provided help to water supply systems in BiH in improving their managerial practices. The challenge is clear; in average, water utilities in BiH account for about 65% of the losses in the water supply network, while in the countries of the European Union this average is about 10%.

The Institute is the first company in Southeast Europe to receive this prestigious award.

The USAID Award for Best Practice Project in 2001

Due to its results and significant reduction of water losses from 74.32% to 19.78%, the project “Reduction of unaccounted for water in water supply system in Konjic Municipality” was voted the best practice project in 2001 by the USAID’s ECOLINKS Program.