Development of the Cantonal Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) of Sarajevo Canton (KS)

Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo and ENOVA d.o.o. Sarajevo were in charge of the development of CEAP CS, a project funded by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton. The implementation of the project began in May 2016 and was completed in September 2017.



The content of CEAP CS was structured according to the methodology of development stated in the Terms of Reference (ToR), i.e. it contained an overview of the state of the environment, a list of environmental problems and priorities, an action plan with objectives and measures / activities, sources of funding as well as an implementation monitoring plan (for a period of five years) for 6 thematic areas (nature, water resources, air quality management, land, waste management and policy responses). The review of the state of environment in CS provided an analysis and synthesis of the cause-and-effect relations between human activities and the environment, an overview of the state of individual environmental components, an overview of the institutional and legislative framework of the environmental sector, an overview in the field of environmental education and the assessment of the level of public awareness on environmental issues. The state of the environment was presented according to the DPSIR model, i.e. the framework for describing the interactions between society and the environment adopted by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The model is very simple: the drivers cause pressures that are reflected in the state of the environment, which has a direct impact on the ecological system and the whole chain of indirect impacts or problems. All these negative influences provoke the responses of society, which acts on all links of that chain with a series of appropriate measures.

An Advisory Board of 27 members and an Expert Committee of 6 members were formed in order to monitor the process of document preparation, to establish coordination between competent authorities and institutions at all levels, as well as to harmonize sectoral policies within the CS. For transparency and better quality the CS CEAP, the public was involved in all phases, and several consultative meetings with numerous bodies and institutions were organized. The methodology of development according to the Terms of Reference provided a participatory approach to the drafting of the plan by all stakeholders through workshops in the three key phases of the document development. Upon completion of the draft document, a public discussion was carried out through three round tables organized for different stakeholders and target groups. The proposal of the Decision on adoption of the CS CEAP was adopted at the session of the CS Goverment on 19 October 2017 and the CS CEAP was adopted on 30 October 2017, at the Assembly of the Canton Sarajevo. The document (CS CEAP) and the accompanying Decision are available at:  .

Monitoring of the implementation of the CS CEAP in all its segments, according to the established dynamics and deadlines for implementation, was carried out by the CEAP Coordination Board.