Quality policy

Quality Policy of the Hydro-Engineering Institute

Having in mind the quality of work process and performance as the most important factors of competitiveness and success on the market, our intent is to achieve business excellence that will be recognized by our clients and wider social community.



For that reason, we base our quality policy on the following:

  • Each client is treated with equal professionalism and the client’s current and future needs, interests and expectations are recognized through communication;
  • Satisfaction of each client is ensured by provision of solutions that meet, and, where possible, exceed the expectations;
  • The services are provided in accordance with corresponding laws, regulations, technical standards and best available business practice;
  • Available human, technical and material resources are actively planned and efficiently used, which helps to maintain flexible and dynamic organization when forming project teams;
  • Scientific and research work is stimulated, advanced technologies used and applied in practice as much as possible, for the benefit of the community;
  • Achievements in relevant scientific fields are followed, teaching staff is continuously developed and improved, active participation in the teaching and education process is ensured using state-of-the-art methods and teaching aids;
  • Capacity building of human resources is ensured through transfer of know-how to the younger generations of researchers and other employees and stimulation of continous professional education;
  • Each individual within the organization is enabled to progress according to the results achieved and all employees, using adequate methods, are motivated to achieve better results;
  • The progress of employees and results achieved is periodically analyzed, possibilities are systematically recognised and development of human resources is continually instigated, as well as the improvement of the quality of services provided.