Our Clients

Our quality policy is based on nurturing good relations with our clients. We strive to approach each client in an equally professional manner and to identify, through communication, the client’s current and future needs, interests, and expectations. We believe that we have established good and continous cooperation with the following clients:



  • international consulting companies with whom we worked in partnership to implement water and environment sector strengthening projects in B&H: Eptisa, Safege, BCEOM, Exergia, Enveco, Haskoning, Dorsch, ILF, CDM, SWECO, WYG, COWI, etc.;
  • international financial institutions: EBRD, World Bank, KfW;
  • international development organizations: USAID, SIDA, etc.;
  • ministries of environment, water, industry, education at cantonal and entity level;
  • universities in country and abroad: Universities of Sarajevu, Mostar, Zenica and Tuzla, Imperial College London, Wageningen University, DELFT University, Novi Sad University, Zagreb University, etc.;
  • local government in numerous municipalities in B&H: municipalities of Sarajevo, Breza, Foča-Ustikolina, Brčko, Ključ, Bihać, Goražde, Istočno Sarajevo, Pale, Livno, etc.;
  • local government in municipalities in the region: Budva, Bar, Plav, Herceg Novi, etc.;
  • significant enterprises in the country: Elektroprivreda, TPP Kakanj, TPP Tuzla, Bosnalijek, Sarajevska pivara, INA, Mittal Steel, Prevent Visoko, etc.;
  • communal enterprises (water, wastewater and solid waste utilities) throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina