Human Resources

Our greatest asset is the knowledge and experience of our employees

The Institute employs about 40 people, of which more than 20 are researchers and designers – experts in different fields, half of them being young and perspective engineers. Our great advantage is flexible organisation that enables creation of multidisciplinary teams ready to work on most complex tasks in the fields of water and environment.



We work as hydro-engineers, civil engineers, construction engineers, hydrologists, supervising engineers, environmental engineers, energy engineers, mechanical engineers, surveying engineers, chemical engineers, technology engineers, biologists, CAD and GIS experts, economists, geologists, IT consultants, mechanical technicians, technical assistants, in all types of positions, from student assistants to independent consultants and lead researchers.

In addition to the full-time employees, we also rely on our permanent external associates, skillful technicians with expertise in many different fields such as land management, forest management, air pollution, etc.